BTHO...What does that mean?

BTHO...What does that mean?

BTHO- What is that?

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It's simple: Julie is an Aggie (class of 95). A traditional Aggie Yell is Beat The Hell Outta, then insert school name. In honor of Julie and her incredible love of all things "Aggie," it only seemed appropriate that we make the effort to BTHO CANCER!

The Lyons Family in their BTHO Melanoma shirts

Julie was never a 2 percenter, no sir. She loved Bonfire, Aggieland,  Midnight Yell, The Chicken, and always welcomed you with a HOWDY. 

 On April 21, 2008, Julie participated in another Aggie tradition; Aggie Muster. Aggie Muster is a solemn tradition, but one of joy and remembrance. The event is held in any city, in any place which any two or more  Aggies who  live within 100 miles of each other, get together and remember those lost. Julie Lyons' name was called at the April 21, 2008 Aggie Muster. Family and friends were present to answer "here" when her name was called.


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