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Her Story

Her Story

Julie Michelle Koch Lyons

July 26, 1972 to November 24, 2007

Julie Lyons (35) was diagnosed Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma September 2006. Her valiant battle with cancer was chronicled on the Lyons family blog from the beginning. Julie stated "we are scared for what we are facing and sometimes faced with doubt. I know that it will also              sometimes seem too much for us to bear, and even too much for those following our journey. Sometimes it WILL be too much for us to handle, but it won’t be too much for God. I believe this and I pray on it."

From the day she was diagnosed, Julie put her complete faith in God. Her blog, created to keep family and close friends current on her situation, quickly turned to a following of hundreds of people from all over the world. Her words and her fight encouraged complete strangers to make their appointments for skin cancer screenings. Others found a renewed Faith in God. Some made new friends through emails and blogs.

This event was planned in 2007 in part to donate to the centers that treated Julie, as well as assist Julie in her expenses. It allowed her to visit Switzerland for a treatment that was not offered in the United States. In a matter of days and through the help of friends and family, the couple secured passports for the children, plane tickets and a place to stay. While the trip was intended for healing, it was a family vacation of sorts; the last the group would have together. They bonded and created memories for the kids which will last a lifetime. Julie always recognized how fortunate she was to have the support she did. She also recognized that others were not always as fortunate and didn't always know what direction to go. Julie asked that we continue these efforts in order to help other melanoma patients to seek the treatments they need for healing.

And so, the event goes on.....

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